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Lessards Gutters offers a variety of gutter styles to custom suit your home. We focus on functionality while maintaining the aesthetic style and integrity of your home. Lessards offers 5” and 6” K-Style seamless gutter in painted aluminum, galvalume and also copper. We offer traditional rectangular downspouts as well as classics like 3” and 4” round spouts. If you are interested in half round gutters, Lessards can provide those as well, along with decorative header boxes, rain chains and other items to customize your gutter system and make it your own.

Seamless K-Style Gutters 5” & 6”

We offer a variety of gutters that can be custom made for your home’s needs. Our gutters are available in 27 colors to match or accent your home. Our gutters come with a 10 year workmanship warranty and a 50 year manufacturer paint warranty.

  • Helps prevent water erosion and washout

  • Helps prevent backsplash damage that stain your home

  • Helps direct water to aid in better drainage

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Half Round Gutters

Available in Painted Aluminum (27 colors) , Galvalume and Copper

  • Our Half Round gutters add a beautiful atheistic value to any home. It’s a great way to make a functional product a beautiful accent to your house. They also come standard with round downspouts.

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7” K Style Commercial Gutter

For commercial or barn type structures, this gutter is a great option to handle heavy or large amounts of water. This gutter is available only in 20ft sections and 27 colors.

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Down Spouts

Our standard spouts come in 2X3 for 5” gutter and 3X4 for 6” gutter.

3” and 4” round downspouts are available as an upgrade to any K-style gutter system.

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Series 2100 Hidden Hangers 

All of our gutters come with the Series 2100 hidden hangers as our standard. These specialized hangers prevent gutter sagging. It is made out of aluminum and features strength by design and corrosion resistance. Other competitors use nails, non-corrosion resistant hardware and smaller hangers to save cost, but we use the good stuff so your rain water collection system will be hassle free for years! Some jobs can require additional hardware like gutter wedges or specialty hangers. Our gutter specialist will make an onsite visit and recommend the best hanger for your project!

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Lessards hangers
(wider, stronger, better)

Competitors hanger
(small and cheap)

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